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BetFury Cryptodrop Campaign

BetFury Cryptodrop Campaign

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What is Betfury Cryptodrop?

Join the massive crypto event. Set on the space adventure, completing gaming and crypto quests. Refer friends and create squads to earn more together. Collect points all the way to get stellar BFG rewards in the Cryptodrop.

How to partycipate

  1. Farm BFG: Get up to 96,000 BFG daily. Level up in BFG Farm to increase your crypto earnings. Complete quests and gather more Wager points for further level progress.
  2. Complete quests: Pass social, gaming, earn & trading quests. Choose which quest to pass according to your taste. More completed quests - more points.
  3. Play Fury game: Control the Raccoon by jumping over barriers to collect points and crypto. Achieve a higher game level to get more energy and collect more crypto during the game.
  4. Spin the wheels: Take a chance to fill your balance with extra points and crypto. Turn Social & BetFury Wheels around to win up to 1 MLN BFG with the Super Spin.
  5. Refer friend and earn: Invite friends to earn more together. Get 3% for the referral's earned crypto and 15% for his collected points.
  6. Create squads (coming soon): ​​​​​​Unite or join like-minded people in a community and achieve a great goal. Be an active squad member, earn more points, and get extra rewards.


$20,000,000 allocated for the cryptodrop.

The entire crypto amount for your rewards is safely stored. A part of this total amount is high-value crypto, which the project has accumulated over a certain period. Other 350,000,000 BFG tokens are transferred from the Community wallet allocated by the team for community activities.

About the Betfury Platform

BetFury is an established ecosystem with crypto-earning features, iGaming, and Sports betting. The gaming experience is brightened by generous bonuses. Enjoy a variety of earning opportunities, such as staking with exclusive APRs and others.




BetFury has launched BetFury Cryptodrop Campaign. Now you have a chance to join and take your share of the $20,000,000 prize pool.

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1 Jun 2024 03:30(UTC+3) - 1 Dec 2024 03:30(UTC+3)



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