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Azuro Advocates Program

Azuro Advocates Program

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Azuro is on a mission to create a trustless, fair, and community-driven infrastructure that powers the world’s betting & gambling markets. To achieve its vision of building the first on-chain betting & gambling ecosystem, the project is introducing the Azuro Advocates Program.

Why join the Azuro Advocates Program?

The Azuro Advocates Program is designed for passionate individuals who want to help build the betting industry of the future. By joining the program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Play a crucial role in shaping the future of betting ecosystem for bettors, LPs and developers who buidl interfaces and products on top of Azuro;
  • Gain exposure and build your personal brand in the rapidly growing decentralized ecosystem;
  • Get your hands dirty with development of integrations on top of Azuro;
  • Build and sustain a community backbone for Azuro DAO: you will be leading communities and community initiatives and identifying and implementing best decisions for community and ecosystem development
  • Gain deep understanding of on-chain betting and web3 ecosystem;
  • Token rewards

What to expect as an Azuro Advocate?

As an Azuro Advocate, you can expect to:

  • Engage in various tasks and missions (from designs to events management and building products) that contribute to your personal growth and the growth of Azuro;
  • Collaborate with Azuro team, Azuro ecosystem participants and other Advocates in the community to achieve common goals;
  • Continuously learn and develop your skills in a cutting-edge technological environment;
  • Contribute up to your own pace and goals. No obligatory tasks and quality over quantity approach. 

Who can apply?

  • Passionate about Azuro, decentralization, betting, and blockchain technology;
  • Have an exposure to web3 and/or betting audiences;
  • Experienced in project work and/or ambassador programs;
  • Willing to work alongside others to achieve common objectives and drive innovation in the betting industry.

Rewards: 1% of Token Supply

Azuro is committed to recognizing and rewarding the valuable contributions of our Advocates and has allocated 1% of our total token supply to reward participants of the Azuro Advocates Program.




Azuro Advocates Program gives a chance to be a part of the on-chain betting & gambling revolution.

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Social networks


Community leaders


from 20 Apr 2023 06:00(UTC+3)



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