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Avalanche Developer Tutorial Contest

Avalanche Developer Tutorial Contest

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All selected tutorials will win $1,000. Every tutorial that goes through revision processes and completes Avalanche’s feedback rounds will win additional incentives as outlined on the contest terms & conditions at the bottom of this page. Winners will also be promoted across social media and the Avalanche community.

Contest rules

$50,000 Avalanche Developer Tutorial Contest:

  • Submissions should function as stand-alone tutorials, explaining the step-by-step process of achieving a concrete goal. Developers following the tutorial should have a complete understanding of how to repeat the task in their own development process.
  • Steps in the process should be clear, with concrete code examples that can be copied and reused.
  • Every newly introduced term should be explained in the tutorial. General programming knowledge is presumed.


  • Round 1: Aug 2nd — Aug 9th (12AM EST)
  • Round 2: Aug 17th — Aug 24th (12AM EST)

How It Works

There will be two rounds of judging. All submissions accepted for the second round will receive $1K. If you incorporate the feedback you receive from the Avalanche Developer team in round 2, you’ll receive the corresponding prize listed below.

The best Tutorials will be chosen on originality, creativity, simplicity, correctness, accuracy, practical implementation and ease of understanding.

All decisions will be made in Avalanche’s sole discretion and are final.

Winner Announcement

Winners of the contest will be announced on the Avalanche social media channels, and via community channels.

Contest Prizes Per Subject

$1000 USD prizes

Smart Contracts:

  • How to create and test contract calls with Truffle
  • How to create and test contract calls with Hardhat
  • How to create and test contract calls with Waffle


  • How to mint your own ERC20 on Avalanche using Open Zeppelin
  • How to mint your own ERC721 NFT on Avalanche using Open Zeppelin

$2000 USD prizes


  • How to create a P2P payment dapp on X Chain
  • How to use The Graph to query Avalanche data


  • How to create an NFT with royalties

Social DApps

  • How to create your own DAO on Avalanche

Additional Targets

  • Build a ledger integration in your DApp
  • Front-end templates for Avalanche DApps
  • How to build an efficient frontend for your app using websockets
  • Flutter quickstart
  • React Native quickstart

$3000 USD prizes


  • How to create an AMM on Avalanche
  • How to create a new token listed on an AMM on Avalanche
  • How to create a lending market on Avalanche
  • How to create staking derivatives on Avalanche


  • How to create your own NFT marketplace
  • Integrate NFTs into a gaming engine such as Unreal

Social DApps

  • How to build a crowdfunding platform on Avalanche

How To Enter

  1. Choose one of Avalanche’s tutorial subjects below.
  2. Submissions should be in the form of long form text, formatted in Markdown, submitted as a link to the GitHub repository.
  3. Each submission should have an introduction, where the purpose of the tutorial is explained, the main body of the tutorial, and a conclusion with key points highlighted. Use of full Markdown capabilities is encouraged (headings, code blocks, tables).
  4. Extensive usage of links to existing Avalanche tutorials, references and API documentation is encouraged. Illustrations are welcome and valued, as well as a demonstration video.
  5. Submit your contact info and links to your tutorial through this form.


Avalanche has launched a contest for the best developer tutorials to help the next wave of Avalanche developers to build on the platform. Anyone can now submit a tutorial, with selected tutorials being able to win a portion of the prize pool.

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