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Autonomy Cyborgs Ambassador Program

Autonomy Cyborgs Ambassador Program

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up to $200

Stablecoins, AUTN token allocation

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Normal, Low Risks


Autonomy is the first fully decentralized and permissionless automation tool, powering Web3 buidlers and developers with on-chain conditional execution.

With Autonomy, projects can automate features or actions; they will be triggered in the future under any condition. Some use cases include limit orders and stop losses for DEXes, impermanent loss protection, automatic self-liquidation, recurring payments, and autonomous NFT’s and NPC’s.

Autonomy is a tool powering the evolution of Web3 infrastructure, which includes projects working on DeFi, NFT’s, DAO’s, and the Metaverse. With multiple partnerships in every field of Web3, Autonomy Network is positioned to become the leader.

An Autonomy Cyborg is expected to:

  1. Build engagement and help in targeted community growth (DEX users, top NFT holders) by being an advocate of Autonomy’s solutions across various social networks and forums.
  2. Provide constructive feedback about Autonomy products to the team.
  3. Educate and inform new community members on Discord, Telegram, or Twitter about Autonomy’s vision.
  4. Aid in distributing and translating content in your native language.
  5. Create and spam the best MEMEs about Autonomy.
  6. Be attentive about potential Autonomy integrations or business opportunities and notify the team.

What can Cyborgs expect from Autonomy?

  1. Be first in line for the AUTN token whitelist.
  2. Receive monetary rewards up to $200 in Stable Coins and potentially AUTN token allocation.
  3. Open communication with the team about the status of the project and discussions about the growth of Autonomy.
  4. Top performing Cyborgs will be preferred when Autonomy launches a second phase of this program.
  5. Have many opportunities to be involved in the community to explore further growth and engagement.

Fill out the form by 15th Jan 2022.
Everyone is invited to participate in the ambassador program. Still, priority will be given to individuals with experience in growth hacking, social media/ community management, designing/illustrating, marketing, or business development.




The Autonomy Network team is very excited to announce its own ambassador program. The Autonomy Network is calling for all the autonomists in the community to join this mission.

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Social networks






7 Jan 2022 03:00(UTC+3) - 7 Apr 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



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You can participate (Event started, Registration open)