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Asymmetry Finance x Hats Finance Bug Bounty Program

Asymmetry Finance x Hats Finance Bug Bounty Program

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Asymmetry Finance is at the foAsymmetry pioneers novel and high-yield DeFi opportunities for LSTs and LRTs, backed by real yield. In comparison to other protocols offering unsustainable yield, generated by endlessly printing a worthless governance token.

Users simply deposit ETH, and the Asymmetry smart contracts do the rest, generating 11+% APY on their position — over 3x that of regular staking rewards.

Asymmetry’s noncustodial smart contracts automate complicated DeFi strategies that harness rewards from Ethereum staking, Frax, and Curve and abstract away the complexity of a user navigating multiple dApps. In addition, Restaking via Eigenlayer and leverage opportunities will be coming soon.

Diving into the Bug Bounty Program

Asymmetry Finance invites ethical hackers and security enthusiasts to explore the Hats Mechanism and contribute to the safety of the DeFi space. The bug bounty program, hosted on Hats Finance, offers a scalable and permissionless framework, ensuring that as Asymmetry Finance grows, so too will the rewards for uncovering vulnerabilities. This approach encourages ongoing participation from the white hat community, supporting the project’s evolution and the broader security of the ecosystem.

About Hats Finance

Hats Finance is pioneering the development of Web3’s first fully decentralized smart bug bounty marketplace. With a design that aligns closely with the core principles of the DeFi ecosystem, Hats Finance’s bug bounty vaults are permissionless, protect anonymity, scalable, and open to liquidity provision from anyone interested in enhancing project security.

Moreover, Hats Finance introduces an audit competition platform, operating under a pay-for-results model. This initiative has attracted over 750 auditors to the Hats ecosystem, facilitating all operations on-chain to bypass the need for independent reputation verification. This streamlined, efficient approach ensures the reliability and effectiveness of the audit process.

Join the Hunt

Asymmetry Finance and Hats Finance invite you to dive into this opportunity. Whether you’re a seasoned white hat hacker or a newcomer eager to make your mark, this bug bounty program offers a chance to contribute to the security of the decentralized finance landscape while earning rewards.

Explore the Hats Mechanism and begin your hacking journey today by visiting:




Asymmetry Finance has officially launched a bug bounty program in collaboration with Hats Finance, allocating a substantial reward pool of 30,000 USDC to security researchers who can identify vulnerabilities in their protocol. This initiative underscores Asymmetry Finance’s commitment to security and its dedication to fostering a robust, decentralized financial ecosystem.

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from 20 Feb 2024 09:48(UTC+3)



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