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Astar Network Ambassador Program

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Astar Network supports the building of dApps with EVM and WASM smart contracts and offers developers true interoperability, with cross-consensus messaging (XCM). Astar Network is made by developers and for developers. Astar’s unique Build2Earn model empowers developers to get paid through a dApp staking mechanism for the code they write and dApps they build. Astar’s vibrant ecosystem has become Polkadot’s leading Parachain globally, supported by all major exchanges and Tier 1 VCs. Astar offers the flexibility of all Ethereum and WASM toolings for developers to start building their dApps.


  • Good understanding of Astar vision, features and latest developments
  • Experience with community engagement on social media (Telegram, Discord, meetups)
  • Engaged in the community
  • Interested in growing & educating the community for Astar ecosystem & Web3.0
  • Committed to helping Astar Network become a community owned blockchain


  • Foster and grow a strong community in your respective region
  • Be transparent about your contributions and tasks
  • Translation of articles into your native language
  • Organisation of meetups for the local community
  • Attend events and conferences on behalf of the team
  • Attend monthly Ambassador call + one-on-one meeting every quarter


  • Earn passive income through dApp staking
  • Be a part of the governance council and help to grow the ecosystem
  • Build a reputation (and maybe your future career) for yourself
  • Work along side notable people/projects in this space
  • Attend local event and conferences that are sponsored by the team
  • Be an early adopter of the technology.
  • Limited edition freebies e.g. NFTs that are reserved only for Astar Network ambassadors
  • Hangout with the team

There are 2 different programs:

  1. Ambassador Program: For non-technical community members. See here.
  2. Technical Ambassador Program: For technical community members. See here.

How does the non-technical program work?

  1. This program is designed for community members that want to contribute to the growth of Astar Network.
  2. All Ambassadors are encouraged to paricipate in peforming the tasks. Lack of participation may result in the revocation of your Ambassador role.
  3. There will be basic tasks and supplementary tasks every month.
  4. Basic tasks are mandatory and will be recurring.
  5. Supplementary tasks are optional, which you can choose depending on your skills and talent. You can choose to do up to 2 different supplementary tasks in a month.
  6. Each task is given specific points and you need to achieve at least 40% of the total points to qualify to receive the rewards.
  7. If you achieve 100%, you will get the full rewards. If you achieve only 50%, you will get half of the full rewards.
  8. If there are surplus SDN & ASTR in a particular month, it will be distributed equally to those who achieved ≥90%.
  9. In case that there are surplus SDN & ASTR and no one achieves ≥90%, the surplus SDN will be sent to the Treasury or carried forward to the next month.
  10. In case that you do a group work with other ambassadors e.g. Astar Network  has 2 ambassadors from Thailand and they jointly organized a local meetup, please submit your contribution individually (stating that it is a group work). This is to avoid confusion. Points will be given individually.
  11. An example of how the calculation works can be found here.
  12. The reward pool comes from dApp staking: SDN Reward and ASTR Rewards. The reward pool may change depending on how much it is getting.

How does the technical program work?

  1. This program is designed for technical students and young developers who want to learn ink! & WASM and contribute to the growth of Astar & Shiden Network.
  2. Everyone is welcomed to apply but seats are limited. So please do your best during the interview to get shortlisted.
  3. Shortlisted candicates will be given a 2-month trial period before the rewards kick in.
  4. After the 2-month period, Astar Network will do an assessment on all your contributions. If you do well, you will start receiving the monthly rewards.
  5. The reward pool comes from dApp staking pool: SDN Reward and ASTR Rewards.
  6. This program is not about getting rewarded. It is more about learning, participating and contributing to the growth of Astar & Shiden Network.
  7. This program is not a form of an employment. It is more like an initiative to encourage the community to learn ink! and WASM.

What You Need To Do As A Technical Ambassador

Learn & Share What You Learn

  1. This program is not a school but a place for you to be self-motivated to learn.
  2. You will be given an access to a closed Discord group where you can interact with other Ambassadors and the Core Developers of Astar Network.
  3. While you are learning, please share what you learn on social medias. Make regular tweets and how-to tutorial articles.
  4. Help other Ambassadors in the group so that all of you can grow.
  5. When you help others, you learn better.

Build Stuff

  1. As you learn, it is encouraged that you build stuff. Shiden Network is already supporting WASM, so feel free to build.
  2. You can work alone or work in a group.
  3. Come up with something useful. Things do not have to be complicated. Build simple but useful products.

Build A Local Developers Community

  1. You are encouraged to build a developers community in your country/region.
  2. As you grow, you will eventually be leader.
  3. Organize local meetups to help the adoption of ink! & WASM.

What Can You Expect As A Technical Ambassador

First Hand Info On The Evolving Technology Of Astar Network

  1. You will be in direct contact with the Core Developers of Astar Network.
  2. You will have a private monthly meeting session with the Core Developers of Astar Network.

Build Your Reputation

  1. Be the OG of ink! and WASM.
  2. By sharing what you learn, you will earn the attention of the community or even VCs in the industry.
  3. If your content is of high quality, Astar Network marketing team will engage and promote it.


  1. As you progress, you will be rewarded with SDN & ASTR tokens for your contribution.
  2. The amount that you get depends on the quality of your contribution. You can expect to earn between $100-500/month after the trial period.
  3. As your reputation gets better, you may get incubated by Shiden DAO to build unique products on Shiden and earn a grant from Shiden DAO's treasury.

Who Can Join This Program?

  1. Technical students and young developers.
  2. Existing community members who want to explore the potential of ink! and WASM.
  3. Those who want to contribute to the growth of Astar & Shiden Network.




Astar Network Ambassador Program for tech and non-tech community members.

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