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Step into the future of gaming with Arc8 GameFest, a premier event in the Web3 arena, taking place from November 16-30. Dive into before the deadline on November 8th.

Participants have the chance to compete daily and win big from a massive prize pool of $120,000 in tokens and NFTs. You have a chance to unleash your skills, feed your Beastie, and get ready to claim your victory.

Players are also tasked with raising their very own Beastie, a unique creature for you to feed and level up with food earned by winning games. When it reaches Level 16, it can be freely minted into a Beast NFT, and will grant extra token-earning opportunities in the Arc8 GameFest.

Arc8 is a top mobile gaming platform created by GAMEE, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands. It features a a variety of thrilling games, including the newly introduced live multiplayer games Disc-O Mania and Cranky Monkey, alongside sports games, card games, action games and puzzles.

What is the Arc8 GameFest?

The Arc8 GameFest is a premier Web3 gaming event taking place within the Arc8 mobile gaming application from November 16-30 (13:00 UTC). Taking part allows you to compete daily for your share of an extensive prize pool, consisting of tokens and NFTs valued at $120,000.

Do I need a GameFest Pass to play Arc8?

No; you can play Arc8 without one and earn rewards such as Coins, Gems, Luck and food for your Beastie in a regular league. However, if you want to claim a share of huge token prize pools (alongside these regular rewards), then Arc8 GameFest is the only way.

How do I participate in the Arc8 GameFest?

To participate, register now and purchase a GameFest Pass when they become available. Connect and pair your wallet on, and download the free Arc8 app on the App Store or Google Play.




Participants have the chance to compete daily and win big from a massive prize pool of $120,000 in tokens and NFTs.

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16 Nov 2023 03:00(UTC+3) - 30 Nov 2023 03:00(UTC+3)



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