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AnRKey X "The AnRKist Legionnaire and Guardians Program"

AnRKey X "The AnRKist Legionnaire and Guardians Program"

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Their Legionnaire program is to run over a period of 12 weeks, the winners are drawn daily and will win ANRX tokens, NFTs, Discount coupons, Swag, and Recognition.

Over 12 weeks YOU, AnRKist Legionnaires are tasked with a series of missions should you choose to accept them.


Every 100 NFTs sold, team will airdrop 2 NFTs to community members through a series of lotteries.

Starting March 29th, 2021, AnRKey X will distribute $300 worth of ANRX Token every day to 10 lucky AnRKist legionnaires in AnRKey X Official Telegram Group.

  • $300 worth of ANRX per day
  • 10 lucky Legionnaires per day
  • 3–5 Drops per day
  • Lottery EVERYDAY
  • 90 days of pure CARNAGE
  1. Participants must register on Official Sentry Bot here
    Please interact with the bot and Submit your ERC20 address to start.
  2. You must join their official group and channel to participate. You can also follow their social media to be updated on our progress.
  3. Once you interact with the bot you will be provided with a Legionnaire ID, Verification ID and a Referral ID.
  4. You should at all times keep your Legionnaire ID and Verification ID private. You are free to share your Referral ID in your network.
  5. AnRKey X will announce lotteries at random times across the day in Official Telegram Group. Team will announce drops at least 3 times a day up to 5 times a day based on activity. It will be randomized so community members in all time-zones have a chance to win. 
  6. Every hour they will announce the winners via a list of Legionnaire IDs. You will have to go through the list to see if you have been summoned. Winning Legionnaires will have to reply IN THE CHAT with a verification ID. The first X number of participants to reply first with their ID will be required to send a short telegram video to ensure they are real people.
  7. When you respond in the group you must tag the admin that made the announcement. For example, if Castles posts your code, you must tag @cryptocastles to ensure the message was seen.
  8. Your response must be in the following format ~ [Legionnaire ID — Verification ID]
  9. If you are lucky enough to have your Legionnaire ID called AND fast enough to respond, then AnRKey X will deposit $30 worth of $ANRX tokens into your Legionnaire ID.
  10. Each user is able to receive Drops a maximum of 5 times. This means YOU could stand to gain up to $150 worth of ANRX.
  11. Your collected token amount will be displayed in your bot dashboard until June 21st. On June 30th, your ANRK tokens will be airdropped to the ERC20 wallet address provided during signup to the Sentry Bot. This cannot be changed at a later stage, so make sure you do not put an exchange address or any other address that you do not use. Also at all times keep your wallet safe, if you lose access to your wallet, you will lose access to the tokens since they will be transferred your wallet address that you provided.
  12. You may only create 1 account. If you create more than 1 account, all of your tokens will be forfeited.
  13. Tokens will be distributed directly to your wallet at the end of every month. Team will asks you for metamask signup and basic KYC details to prevent fraud.

Legionnaire REFERRALS — Have an army of your own!? Invite them to earn more rewards and be a part of AnRKist Revolution.

When you interact with the Sentry bot. You will get a referral ID. You can now distribute this referral ID to your friends and family. The total number of users you have referred will be shown directly in your bot dashboard.

There will be rewards for users who actively PARTICIPATE in the referral program and are ACTIVE in the community. Rewards for referrals are TIER BASED:

  • Tier 1: Between 10–99 referrals = 1 ANRX/referral
  • Tier 2: Between 100–199 referrals = 1.5 ANRX/referral
  • Tier 3: Between 200–500 referrals = 2 ANRX/referral
  • Tier 4: 500+ referrals = 3 ANRX/referral


Bored of joining the community of random talks and no FUN? Join their Official Telegram Community and participate in tons of new games every week and win ANRX.

They will do 2–3 games per week, for next 12 weeks.

You will have to interact with the AnRKey Sentry Bot and enter the details. Now every time you win a reward, you will see your total ANRX won as a point under your dashboard. Your Points will be added daily at 12:01 UTC and you can see your total on your bot dashboard.

Community fan art:

Are you a designer, creator, or someone who is just awestruck with their game and its characters?

Submit your AnRKey X game art, meme, or video and if your contribution is selected team will display it on website and reward you for your contribution in ANRK Ethereum Arcade Coins up to $1000 USD. Its safe to say you will also get some major CLOUT from their CEO and Art Director J.D. Salbego.

The AnRKist Guardians

Now for the most prized Position in the AnRKist Community.

AnRKey X is proud to announce the Official Guardian Program. Guardians are tasked with extending reach in the crypto galaxy to spread the message of the AnRKists far and wide.

They’re getting close to launching their mainnet, and the Guardians are IMPERATIVE to the AnRKeyX ecosystem. Their Guardians will be at the forefront of the ANRX initiative, advocating for it and educating the world about games, token utilities, NFT drops, and their EPIC utilities and much more.

Guardian program is designed to coordinate and promote AnRKey X worldwide. It offers useful marketing and growth opportunities through the establishment and maintenance of ongoing contacts between platform team members and brand Guardians.

This program is a global marketing campaign aiming primarily at introducing AnRKey X and Battle Wave 2323 across social media regions and sectors that have been chosen strategically. In addition to core team members, the Guardians will offer new marketing channels, attract new audiences, significantly expand their game and blockchain community reach and finally strengthen the platform.

Brand Guardians will be able to select from 4 different reward tiers based on their level of participation. It’s adaptable enough for someone with a side hustle or two. Below are the tiers Guardians will be categorized into. They will earn points per action which will be submitted to bot. At the end of every month, team will goes through the content and actions provided to the bot to assign points and ultimately distribute rewards based on the tier their Guardians fall into.

Tier 1

Rising Guardian — This tier is for someone who has a limited amount of time to devote to the platform and its benefits during the month (5 hours or less). Guardians at this level promote by sharing content, actively participating in the AnRKeyX telegram chat and dedicated Guardian chat when possible, and spreading the word wherever possible, both online and offline.

Tier 2

Senior Guardian — This tier is for people who have a good understanding of blockchain gaming and the AnRKeyX project. These individuals will be able to devote a minimum of 6–15 hours per month to expanding AnRKey X’s reach through various channels. They frequently share their content and are very active on all social media pages in order to promote the program.

Tier 3

Prime Guardian — These Guardians are highly motivated and have a strong understanding of the platform and its features. They are also able to identify competitors and have high acumen for the blockchain industry and online gaming communities. These Guardians will actively participate in community chats, create and share brand content, translate content into the local language, create or host 1 meetup per month. These people have 16–30 hours per month thus becoming eligible for additional perks.

Tier 4

Supreme Guardian — These are the ultimate Guardians for AnRKeyX and are at the forefront of the revolution. These people post articles, create videos, and help in finding bugs while staying active in the community and advocating and educating on behalf of AnRKey X. These people have devoted 30–45 hours per month and will get the ultimate reward, an exclusive Achievement Badge associated with their account in Battle Wave 2323

How to become an ANRX guardian:

Please enter the details in the form below to participate. Although team would love to get going with all the participants, the Guardian program will be capped to 40 of the most suited participants to ensure timely management and reward distribution.

For your participation in the program, AnRKey X Guardians can expect to receive a slew of benefits and incentives. They will have access to the AnRKeyX Platform and the entire NFT Marketplace, as well as exclusive access to team members and fellow Guardians via the dedicated Guardian Telegram channel, the natural expansion of professional and personal networks, ANRX swag, and a maximum of 200 USDT worth of ANRX per month based on the tier they represent at the end of the month. More detailed distribution of rewards will be shared with those whom team selects as their official guardians.

If you have the below attributes, join them.

  • Highly motivated and driven to achieve success
  • Regarded as an ‘influencer’ in their community/region
  • Gregarious and outgoing
  • Competent understanding of the online gaming and blockchain technology industries
  • Competent understanding of the AnRKeyX platform and the traditional problems that it solves
  • Understanding of major competitors, such as Ethernity and Enjin
  • Genuine enthusiasm for the product and industries
  • Mature network


These quests will earn you rewards, recognition, and some FRESH NFTs which will have EPIC utilities in the Battle Wave 2323 Universe. Team has finely curated them to suit all genres of reward hunters and collectors to get their hands on some of the very finest NFT art and collectibles, and as always the precious ANRX Ethereum Arcade Coin.

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