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Ameta Play-to-Earn Program

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Fishing — the first game mode available to play and earn

When players enter Ameta, you will be given basic farming tools to start. Each player always has 1 free basic answer rod from the beginning to participate in fishing, and can earn new fishing rods through the fishing rod information system (Crafting).

To start fishing, anglers must first choose an appropriate site using the maps provided. Different varieties of fish can be found in various regions. After that, players can set their rods down and battle in a mini-game to capture fish.

Mini game is a simple game in which the fish icon moves up and down and changes direction all the time. The player’s task is to control the blue bar (tap the screen to make the bar go up, stop tapping the screen to make the bar go down) to keep the fish icon in the blue bar.

If the fish is in the blue bar, the player continues to contribute points to the progress (orange column); otherwise, the player continues to lose points.

When the progress bar reaches 100%, the fish will be caught; if it reaches 0 or the time limit expires, you will lose and not catch the fish.

Some fishing rods have additional skills (x2 points, stun fish, slow fish, etc.) and the interface will display the associated buttons for players to employ according to their own techniques.

There are two sorts of fish: NFT fish and Normal fish. Only NFT fish can be sold to other players.

There are four levels of rarity: common, rare, epic, and legendary.

The rarer the fish, the harder it is to catch it (when playing mini games fish run faster, change direction more…)

Only NFT fishing rods can catch NFT fishes.

How can players play and earn in Ameta?

The Ameta Core team comprises leading experts in traditional games from Alphaway. Ameta has a proven, successful released game portfolio, which surely blows your mind:

  • Elite Sniper Campaign 3D: 128M impressions
  • Turbo Speed Car Racing: 86M impressions
  • CS X Sniper Elite: 99M impressions

This game play is developed by Alphaway — one of the most well-known traditional game publishers with millions of users playing their game beforehand.

Here is how Traditional and Crypto players can play to earn in Ameta:

For traditional players

Traditional players with no expertise in the P2E game and no knowledge of how to trade tokens/ NFTs between wallets can easily enter Ameta to generate passive incomes. If you want to catch NFT fishes and then trade them for APLUS, you will have two choices:

  1. Use fiat to purchase NFT rods
  2. Use fiat to rent NFTs rods

You can earn by using NFT rods to catch NFT fishes. Then trade them to earn APLUS on the marketplace. After getting APLUS, you can cash out to fiat easily.

Wallets to manage your NFTs or APLUS assets will be created automatically so you don’t need to research about how to create your own crypto wallet. This one-of-a-kind method makes it easier for traditional players to access the DeFi realm.

For crypto players

Users who own and hold APLUS will have different revenue streams.

  • Buy NFTs to play and earn tokens and NFT rewards
  • Mint NFTs rods to trade on marketplace
  • Lend NFTs rods to earn commission

Ameta, in particular, promises to produce the first 20,000 NFT rods. After that, only APLUS holders will have the ability to mint NFTs. The market will decide on the quantity and pricing of NFTs. The Ameta Team will not participate in this process.




Ameta not only provides a platform for gamers and fishing enthusiasts to truly enjoy its exciting gaming experience, but it also effectively provides monetization opportunities. Especially, Ameta lets users buy NFT with fiat. Because of this one-of-a-kind mechanism, traditional players now have many more opportunities to seamlessly enter the cryptocurrency market.

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