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Ambient Finance Points Season 1 Campaign

Ambient Finance Points Season 1 Campaign

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  • Ambient Points are now live
  • The points are designed to provide insights to users, with a system rooted in fairness
  • Available on Ethereum Mainnet, Blast, Scroll, & Canto
  • Points are distributed weekly
  • Retroactive points will be awarded throughout Season 1

Check your points now here.

Ambient is the future of on-chain liquidity, combining unique features, ultimate gas efficiency, and unmatched expandability & modularity. Ambient's goal is to become the home of price discovery and to fix the broken economics of AMMs.

Combining different types of liquidity into a single pool, Ambient is built for diversified, sustainable liquidity. Our thesis is simple: liquidity providers should make money.

Since its launch, Ambient has grown to over $32m in TVL with over $570m in total volume across the now four chains we are deployed on, earning liquidity providers over $1.18m in fees.

Ambient Points are designed to quantify and recognize participants for their contributions to our mission. With fairness as the overarching ethos, the system provides insights to traders about their contribution.

The exact mechanics of the system are intentionally opaque to prevent gamification.

Points are distributed weekly to users, with the first batch of points viewable immediately. Retroactive points since the launch of Ambient will be distributed to users over the course of Season 1.

Head over to your account page to see your current level and points, or go directly here.


  1. Are there referrals? - No
  2. Do off-chain actions help me get points? - No
  3. Is past activity be counted? - Yes
  4. Is there a cap on how many points are awarded? - No
  5. How are points calculated? - To prevent gamification the system is opaque 




Ambient Finance has announced the launch of Ambient Points, coinciding with the launch of the Blast mainnet. Ambient Points Season 1 is now live.

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from 1 Mar 2024 22:25(UTC+3)



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