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AEX Exchange & WaykiChain Promotion Event

AEX Exchange & WaykiChain Promotion Event

    In order to provide users with more trading currency choices, AEX Anyin will launch a new DeFi currency-WGRT. To celebrate the launch of WGRT, AEX and WGRT will give you benefits.

    Reward pool
    ~ $70,000
    Expected profit
    from ~ $24
    Max participants
    DropsEarn score

  • Activity Type: Buy&Hold Competition Tasks Community Share reward
  • Date: 21 Aug 2020 13:00(UTC+3) - 27 Aug 2020 07:00(UTC+3)
  • Registration: Closed
  • Event status: You can't participate (Event ended)
  • Links: Official Medium Announcement Official AEX Announcement
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On August 21 (UTC+8), the 7-years-in-operation AEX Exchange has officially listed the WGRT / USDT trading pair. To celebrate the listing, WaykiChain launches a generous giveaway, including the Porsche 718 Boxster, BMW G 310 R, Apple MacBook Pro, Apple iPad, pure gold bars, and 79,000 WGRT. Everyone can also join the community review and share 20,000 WGRT.

WGRT is the governance and equity token of the WaykiChain decentralized collateralized lending platform. The first-tier exchange OKEx listed it. AEX Exchange will further expand the market depth of WGRT and reduce the transaction costs for users.

The governance token WGRT and WaykiChain DeFi products Wayki-CDP and Wayki-DEX form an integrated closed-loop DeFi ecosystem and promote one another. The current total locked amount of WICC is over 46 million tokens or USD 12 million. The WUSD stablecoin loans have exceeded USD 2.5 million, the majority being invested in the innovative Hong Kong stocks and cryptocurrency trading market.

Activity 1: Participate in the AEX community commentary and share 20,000 WGRT

Activity introduction: Leave a comment under this post, and use [WGRT] + what you want to say, you can participate in the share of 10000 WGRT. WGRT&AEX will also select 10 comments from all users participating in the message, and each will give 1,000 WGRT.

Activity 2: Net purchase of WGRT, Porsche sports car waiting for you

Event introduction: After the event, users will have a net purchase of 5000 WGRT (buy-sell), which will be ranked according to the net purchase volume. The top 100 will be rewarded and the first will be a Porsche sports car.


  • 1: Porsche 718 Boxster

  • 2: BMW G 310 R

  • 3: MacBook Pro 13.3
  • 4: Apple iPad tablet
  • 5-21: 1 pure gold bar
  • 22-100: Divide an average of 79,000 WGRT


1. The above rewards will be issued within 7 working days after the event ends;

2. Within the scope of the law, the final interpretation right of this activity belongs to AEX An Yin;

3. In case of cheating, AEX has the right to cancel its qualification to participate in the award.