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Acala Network Ambassador Program

Acala Network Ambassador Program

    This community wants everyone to know that your work can make a difference in moving society and the human race forward, so we decided to launch our very own Acala Aces Ambassador Program.

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  • Activity Type: Competition Content Ambassador Community Translation Organizer
  • Date: TBA
  • Registration: Open
  • Event status: You can participate (Event started, Registration open)
  • Links: Official Announcement
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How To Participate

  1. Read the information on the website about program 
  2. Сlick here and submit the form
  3. Read details below 

Detailed Information


As a close knit team of engineers working remotely from Auckland (New Zealand), Tirana (Albania), Shanghai (China), we are building Acala based on a core set of values we believe are in line with the tenets of web3:

  • True decentralization
  • More Truth Less Trust
  • Empowering individuals with more autonomy
  • Integrity
  • Accountability

Acala team came together because of a deep desire to build the foundations for a new, inclusive financial system, in direct contrast to the clear shortcomings and challenges of the current system and institutions across geographies. Our team includes some of the leading blockchain innovators, Substrate and Rust developers, full-stack dApp developers and economists.

The community we are building is therefore shaped by these values and the Acala mission. It is also fuelled by the wants and needs of the people building web3, which includes the basic needs of all humans:

  • Inclusion, Care, Trust, & Respect
  • Guidance and Support
  • Friendship, Community, Real Relationships
  • Empowerment


General Qualities:

The team are looking for self starter community leaders passionate about web3 and the potential Acala has in redefining finance on a cross chain and global scale. The range of activities our Ambassadors will undertake go from organizing events in local communities, running workshops, building plugins and integrations, amplifying Acala announcements, being a customer reference, and advocating Acala across their local and virtual communities.

As the team are focused on true exchanges of value, we know our ambassadors will want visibility, assistance with building their personal brand, exclusive or early access to features, direct lines of support, potential monetary support, training, free product usage and an overall valuable experience.

General Benefits:

  • Funding — early bird access to earning opportunities like bounties and meetup organizing grants
  • Access — you’ll get to attend Acala and Polkadot events, benefit from Ambassador focused programming and training as well as access to core Acala team members.
  • Swag — It’s all about the swag and you’ll be first in line to get the latest and greatest branded items.
  • Being part of a true community — Web3 is all about community and the bonds we share in building a new world. This is your tribe, these are your peers and you are playing a key role in bringing ideas into reality.

What does the process look like?

You should fill in and send an Ambassador application our way. Once we’ve had a chance to review it, and if you match the requirements, we’ll likely have a quick chat to line up on expectations. Should that chat be successful, you’ll move into Apprentice mode. This is the phase of the process where you’ll learn the lay of the land, get to know the community at-large, and start working on tasks.

During your Apprenticeship, you’ll have a chance to discuss your progress with core team members, establish goals, and meet other Ambassadors. You’ll also have a chance to define which working group you intend on joining when you become a full-fledged Ambassador.

After meeting the goals that we define together, and ensuring that you’re fully committed to the cause, we’ll turn your Apprenticeship into a full Ambassadorship. In this new role, you’ll have a range of tasks to complete like:

  • Contributing code and/or improving documentation related to the Acala
  • Organizing meetups and workshops for your local communities
  • Creating blog posts, guides, videos and other collateral about Acala, the web3 financial hub
  • Representing your region on important web3 projects
  • Providing a warm welcome, and mentorship, to newcomers in the community
  • Participating in calls and tasks that help drive the ecosystem forward

There are four categories of Acala Ambassadors:

Meetup Organizer
Meetup Ambassadors are a key part of creating and growing web3 communities around the world. Identifying local blockchain enthusiasts and educating them about Acala, this is a crucial role in web3 onboarding. Meetup organizers take offline and online networking to the next level by guiding both beginners and dedicated crypto users through their journey with Acala and the infinite possibilities for cross chain value exchange.

Content Creator
Content Creators focus on educating the community about the project through engaging, informative and engaging content such as videos, infographics, blog posts etc.

Community Moderator
Moderators support the project by maintaining the official community channels and ensuring they are always informative, productive and provide a safe and welcoming place for the community to come together.

Translators are a vital part of our work by ensuring access to Acala for everyone. Translating and disseminating content for all non-English speaking community members is a valuable contribution not just for Acala, but the web3 community at large.