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1inch Community Builders Program

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This is a proposal to launch 1inch's first community program with the goal of gathering 1inch supporters, users, and creative individuals to support and grow its brand and reach, making Web3 and DeFi more accessible to the masses.

This proposal presents the case for a dedicated community program, designed for users and advocates to rally around the 1inch Network. The Community Builders Program will provide a framework for 1inch supporters to contribute their skills, establish local hubs that build and grow the 1inch community.

The intended outcomes of this program that benefit 1inch are as follows:

  • Greater brand awareness and understanding of the 1inch ecosystem and DeFi
  • Localized, educational content resulting in an uptick of product onboarding/understanding
  • Talent, diversity, and creative efforts uplifting and showcasing 1inch’s vision and mission
  • In-person community formed through local events
  • Increased opportunities to engage, connect, and network with Web3 enthusiasts
  • Growth in the number of active users engaging with 1inch products


With a 4.5M and growing user base, 1inch has access to a significant amount of untapped support and resources. The current product lineup includes a dex aggregator protocol, a wallet, protocols, and APIs, while the upcoming launch of the NFT marketplace and hardware wallet, signifies the incoming wave of users with various Web3 interests.

At some point, all Web3 projects require advocates to champion their survival during bear markets, product launches, and contribute to its evolution. It can provide them with opportunities and resources so that in turn, it is supported in its next phase of growth. Coincidentally, as 1inch celebrates its 4th birthday today, perhaps that opportunity to collaborate with its community in another fashion, is now.

Creating a community builders program will unite 1inch supporters and DeFi users under a common objective. The mission for those who choose to join? Shape how the 1inch Network supports and engages with its existing community, while sharing the possibilities of DeFi to those who are curious to know more. The Community Builders Program will mobilize the global support that 1inch has acquired over the years, while creating a greater sense of connection and belonging, which is increasingly needed in a hyper-digital world.


Decentralized Contribution Model

The Community Builders Program is designed so that builders can assume dynamic roles tailored to their individual skill sets and are structured in way so that outputs are trackable. Builders determine the contributions they want to bring to the 1inch community, set up tangible targets, and will be recognized and rewarded for their outputs.

At the start of the program, community builders meet with the program head to discuss their background, experience, and choose their preferred tracks. They undergo go through an onboarding process to learn more about 1inch, then select their projects or tasks, and begin to make preparations for the project. The key to preserving decentralization with proper rewards is the thorough documentation of progress, work, and outcomes. Builders are responsible for writing up a description of each project that they desire to take on, which is then approved by the DAO or the program head.

The program head is experienced in the tracks and activities that the community builder chooses to contribute to, and will be able to act as an advisor in the planning and execution of the project, rather than a manager. The community builder is encouraged to take a leadership role in the project they have chosen, asking for help when needed, and keeping records updated. Once the proposal or activity is developed to a sufficient degree, it is approved and the project goes into production and can be launched. Upon completion, the outcomes should be recorded, and the quest is marked as complete, which allocates a number of XP (points) to the builder. Heads of tracks will manually verify the outcomes, record token rewards, allocate bonuses, etc.

To incorporate more transparency and involvement with the 1inch DAO, local events and creative projects will be submitted directly to the DAO for consensus.

As for some examples of what a community builder can do: a community builder may focus on events and coordinate a DeFi meetup at a speakeasy in Amsterdam. She prepares a presentation about automated market makers and MEV attacks for DeFi audiences, and share what 1inch has built and how its relevant products work.

Another builder may want to dive into producing a short film about 1inch and requests a budget through a proposal. Or, a translator can tackle the Indonesian translation of blog posts on 1inch, promote the local Discord community, and witness an increased understanding of 1inch technology in their local community. He may then work with an event planner to host a local meetup, where together, they co-host a workshop on 1inch's Fusion mode.


The program is categorized into the following tracks:

  • The translation track focuses on translating written content about 1inch, playing a significant role in distributing the project's information
  • The creative track covers the production of visual content, social media posts, videos, and infographics
  • The community management track answers user questions, channel management, generating quality online conversations relevant to 1inch, and hosting activities for various local communities, platforms, and groups
  • The events track organizes and hosts local events that are educational and informative, ultimately increasing exposure for 1inch and DeFi

Builder Roles 

Once a builder selects their track(s), they will receive roles on Discord that grant them access to dedicated channels, where role-related discussions can occur. It’s possible that a builder takes on multiple roles at a time or may take on various roles. To establish online rapport in the community, 1inch recommends that Concierges remain on this track for some time, as it helps build up their knowledge of 1inch products and FAQ. These are the four roles that builders can take on:


Create or translate written content to expand the blog’s collection of articles 


Produce visual content in the form of videos, tutorials, infographics, how-to guides on 1inch products, and content for social media 


Management and moderation of community channels and platforms, as well as organic discussion starters on relevant threads about 1inch 


Event planning and hosting, partnership building, business development, product onboarding, networking, speaker, marketing

Special Projects

Content creators in the Artisan category are encouraged to submit single project proposals through the Builders program to gain consensus and support from the community.

Builder Incentives 

The community builder program seeks to provide the following:

  • Greater control and freedom over contribution methods
    • Participate in the decentralized contribution economy by selecting your goals, achieving them, and receiving reward payouts. No hidden agendas, rules, or exceptions
  • Opportunities to expand one’s Web3 experience and skillset
    • Build with like-minded people striving for various facets of the overarching goal. Learn to harness your strengths and gain insight from those with different backgrounds 
  • Limited edition, eye-catching swag designed just for builders 
    • Have you seen what 1inch has been doing in the merchandise aisle lately? We’re slaying it (figuratively) with high-quality, swoon-worthy swag
  • Team building, mentorship, gatherings at events, online and offline
    • Take part in 1inch meetups and gatherings, and spend time with other builders and the 1inch team

Additional incentives include:

  • Access to funding for events and programs via proposals
  • Bonus rewards for quality and well-received outputs, as well as yearly token bonuses
  • Connection with the team, sneak peeks of pre-released features and launches
  • Mentorship and training on DeFi, 1inch products, marketing, social media, project management, and more
  • Opportunities for growth in DeFI knowledge from 1inch execs and potential to join the team if an appropriate fit should arise
  • Shoutouts for outstanding contributions

Builder Tiers: New, Official, Senior, Head

The Community Builder program consists of tiers that maintain its operational structure and functional organization. Builders can be full-time employees of companies, students, or contractors, participating as little or as much as they wish. 

During the initial phase of the builders’ journey, they are assigned the “New” tier in their tracks. For example, if a new builder focuses on event planning, their role is New Activator. They will complete quests on the CRM that support and grow the online and offline community. 

Once they've achieved specific targets and have been part of the program for three months, the builder undergoes a review of their previous contributions and the performance metrics associated with their contributions. They're then awarded Official status, and their role changes to Official Artisan/Activator/Concierge/Scribe. They'll receive an NFT, which allows them to join the Official membership tier, and rewards are dispensed (special announcements on Discord, Twitter, unique swag, and tokens). If the builder consistently meets the targets for a year, the builder's title changes to Senior Activator, which signifies reliability, impact, and long-term membership in the program. Those who remain active in the program for one year are eligible for additional rewards on the day of their 1 year anniversary, 2 year anniversary, etc.

Senior builders have proven their impact in contributing to the community's growth and demonstrate reliability over time, whether consistently meeting their community messaging quota or completing a video project at a designated pace. Quality contributions are valued, and those who continue to participate over time, meeting targets consecutively, will receive additional perks, as stated above. 

The Heads of each track take on a consistent role and have demonstrated understanding of the track on a strategic and executional level, can facilitate projects, and problem solve. They approve builder projects, assist with builder needs, review builder applications, and maintain the track's operations as necessary. They’ll serve as the point of contact for the track and communicate essential information with the program manager.

Builder Lifecycle

Applicants can submit an interest form detailing their Web3 experience, skillset, contribution types, and previous work. Those who seem like a good fit will be contacted for an interview, must sign an agreement, and be onboarded with the tools required to execute their goals as a New Builder. 

  • The applicant gets in touch with the 1inch team, fills out an interest form
  • The program manager or track head schedules an interview with the applicant
  • Builder's main track/role is determined and a general proposal of their intended activities
  • Signs NDA with 1inch Foundation
  • Self registers info in the builder database
  • Onboarding process starts - Add to community platforms, Kazm, TG, Discord, Slack
  • New period, mentorship, 1inch education through presentation and blog posts
  • Review period once 3 month mark hits
  • Official status awarded after targets are hit
  • Builders continue to contribute
  • Steady status is awarded after one year
  • Bonus rewards are given

Thank you to the 1inch data and marketing team team, who provided analytics to help identify 14 community types, arranged by languages and countries. These are community building areas of interest it comes to community groups, events, and content translation:

Communities by Languages

  • Russian
  • Portuguese 
  • French 
  • Chinese 
  • Spanish 
  • English
  • Korean
  • Japanese

Communities by Country

  • Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Nigeria
  • Turkey
  • Germany


Tracking the progress of content creation, social posts, translation, and special projects will require a few managing tools. Builders will use the GitHub project management page to organize, coordinate, and provide status updates on their tasks and projects. Builder and 1inch contributor communications will take place on Discord. Activities and projects will be incentivized in a membership feature on https://join.kazm.com/



Program Branding & Promotion

The support for 1inch from the Community Builders Program could place 1inch under the DeFi limelight for good. To attract talented and passionate Web3 participants, design and marketing efforts will carve out a brand for the Community Builders Program. Current 1inch contributors will build a design that brands the program and comes with specially designed swag. PR and marketing efforts will also assist with the launch of the program. Furthermore, the program will be promoted at events.

Program Costs

Participation in the program is voluntary and is not considered work or a job. Therefore, the benefits are not a payment for services but are incentives or rewards. The outcomes of each builder's quest can vary according to the target goal. Thus, builder rewards and incentives are distributed according to the effort and impact of the quest. 

The estimated costs are outlined for one year includes:

  • Community builder membership, dashboard & incentives platform: $50K (this is being finalized)
  • Swag design and initial production costs: $20K
  • Token rewards for builders include creative initiatives, translation, moderation, engagement activity, and events, and the amount depends on the number of builders contributing to the community, and the level of impact and effort required to carry out those tasks: up to $150K
  • Community-led events in priority regions: $50K

After a discussion with the DAO delegates, 1inch has agreed to a budget of $100K for the first 3 months. If additional funds are required, request stating the need and budget breakdown should be detailed and met with satisfaction by the delegates.

A more detailed breakdown of what each builder can receive in terms of incentives per track is noted as follows.

Community Management

  • $50-$400 1INCH tokens for monthly community management of at least 10 hours per week, and depends on depth of conversations, level of moderation, and metrics of online engagement activities hosted by the community manager


  • $2-$10 1INCH tokens for Twitter content creation, depending on quality, whether it is value-adding, and level of engagement
  • $5-$20 1INCH tokens for articles and blog posts, depending on the value added to 1inch Network, difficulty of the topic, views, and length of the content
  • $5-$300 1INCH tokens for creative content, depending on quality, resources required, and engagement
  • $5-$15 1INCH tokens for each translation piece, of varying length and difficulties


  • $20-$50 1INCH tokens for local meetups, depending on coordination required, attendance, and growth of the local online communities
  • $75-$200 1INCH tokens for the planning and organization of large scale events with 100+ people in attendance, complete with banners, food and beverage, and merch preparations

The program tracks are organized into different memberships, where builders can select their quests and move up in tiers as they support the ongoing DAO, social media, local meetup initiatives in the 1inch ecosystem.


Program Management

There's a request for the program be managed by the 1inch Foundation, as it contains the legal resources and human capital experience that can oversee the program long-term. Contributors of the 1inch Foundation are skilled in Web3 and DeFi community building know-how, best practices, and have built several communities from the ground up themselves. They will responsible for signing NDA agreements with the community builders, vetting local partnerships, interviewing the community builders, onboarding them to all required tools, providing support and mentorship to builders, and delivering incentives in a timely manner.

The contributors will be also be accountable to adhering to the budget allocation, approving individual projects, and maintaining the integrity of program as outlined in this thread. Heads of the program will publish quarterly reports on the progress of the program.


Each builder will complete quests and projects with the following metrics:


Number of events


Amount spent

1inch app downloads

Partnerships (social media, in person, event, AMA)

Online community growth (unique Discord invite link)


Content views

Engagement (likes, comments, shares)


Messages sent

Number of participants in online activities

Special announcements/messages reacts


Blog post views

Engagement (likes, comments, shares)

Online community growth (unique Discord invite link)

Fund Storage and Release

The storage and release of funds from the DAO Treasury will be held in a multi-sig Safe wallet. The ratio for number of owners and signers of transactions for the wallet will be 3/4, and those members will be made up of 1inch contributors and recognized delegates. 1INCH token rewards (ERC20) will be distributed to community builders at the end of each month in batch transactions.

Safe Wallet address 3/4: 0x54127B8Ea689edbA5267799134B8b5c972969F07






Next Steps

  • Work on the builder onboarding flow with Guild.xyz, GitHub, Google Forms
  • Define specific XP quests for each membership tier
  • Prepare program launch marketing materials
  • Swag design and production, if the proposal passes
  • Finalize community builder program NDA with the legal team




Calling 1inch supporters and enthusiasts: 1inch has announced the launch of the Community Builders Program. Currently in pilot/beta mode, seeking expert community builders to establish the foundation of the program.

Activity Type




Community leaders



from 15 Oct 2023 06:00(UTC+3)



When Reward:


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You can participate(Event started, Registration open)